Any way to rip DVD movies into my hard drive?

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      I don’t want to “pirate” any movies, but would like to rip DVD’s that I bought into my computer so I can put them on my iPod.

      Are there ways to rip copy protected DVD’s with many chapters/episodes etc?

      Which software allows me to do it? Is it legal?

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      I use DVD Fab, but a very popular one is DVD Shrink.

      You would need to check your local laws regarding legalities, however most countries are similar in that regard, I know that here in Oz it’s ok to back up your Cd’s, DVD’s be it on HDD or Disc.

      If you then want to transcode to a “phone friendly” format for personal use, laws may vary depending on where you live, again, this is legal here as long as it’s for strict personal use and not for sharing with friends (especially nasty if you try and sell/share online)

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      I use Magic DVD Ripper. I am not sure how legal it is but I suppose it depends on what you want to do with them. I rip them and have them on my home server which is connected to my network along with my XBOX 360 so we watch all our movies through the XBOX. Having them ripped also makes putting them on my laptopor my Zune a snap. I also have a 9 year old that wants to see some movies that I don’t think he needs to (no feedback here, I am his parent not you) so I edit out scenes or words and have an ‘edited’ version for his viewing (as PG version of an R movie if you will).

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      U can try this DVD Ripper which is best DVD Ripper, DVD Rip software to rip DVD to AVI, rip DVD to MP4, rip DVD to MPEG, MOV, 3GP, HD video(HD AVI, HD TS, HD MOV, HD WMV, MP3 etc with super fastest DVD ripping speed. Therefore, with this DVD Ripper software you are easy to put your DVD on iPad, iPod, iPhone

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      This is a topic that our family has had 3 family meetings about because of the laws that surround this. Movies fall under the copyright laws that govern art. The artist cannot prevent his work from being displayed or copied, only used for profit or gain of any kind in any way. (U.S. law) The producers of movies knew this yet they did not want their art work shared. So in the 90’s the United States passed laws that protected content on the Internet (the content is digitized it is therefore in a non-art format). Internet content copyright falls under scientific copyright laws. Therefore NOTHING on the Internet can be downloaded period unless it is clear that downloading is allowed. So even pictures on Google Images by law cannot be downloaded, because the picture is in digital format and protected by a scientific copyright. However existing copyright laws that govern art in the home do not apply. So by law anyone can copy any DVD. Again movie producers realized this, so they had to come up with a plan. The answer was CSS. CSS is encrypted in the DVD or BD Disc (not within the content of the video file itself, doing so would violate a personal users right to use art work) So laws were passed that state clearly if the CSS protection is broken, (make note not the copying of the movie) then the person has violated the scientific copyright laws.

      So if a personal user of art work can copy the art of the movie without violating the CSS protection then no laws are broken. The ONLY way to copy a movie without violating the CSS protection is to connect a BD player or DVD or VHS player into a video/TV card connected to a computer. The players sees the card as a receiver and the movie plays without violating the CSS protection. Now while the movie is playing you can then “tape” the move to your hard drive. The quality is the quality that is on the BD or DVD or Tape, you can then compress it later. This is the only means that I have found that does not violate the CSS protection laws.

      So why do they go after file sharers? Two laws are broken when sharing files of art over the Internet.

      1) The art file is in a digital format therefore it is now covered by scientific copyright laws as well as artistic copyright laws.

      2) Artistic copyright laws state clearly that the user of a work of art may not in any way gain a profit in any manner from that work of art. File “sharing” is a gain. You gain other works of art in exchange for your work of art, you have gained off of a work of art.

      Maximum PC magazine does a monthly article on copyright laws that cover movies, video and music. On their web site you can download back issues for free, therein is detailed information on the decisions of the LoC that has the final and last work on copyright laws. All of the above that I have mentioned is from several months of articles.

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      Handbrake is a great utility that will let you do this. It is completely free, and will automatically put your DVD into an ipod format for you. Just google handbrake to find it!

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