Any way to make this 3D in After Effects?

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      I did a fun little test video with my son. I am able to get the main footage to work well in 3D format, but I have a question about this intro I made. I am using “side by side” format, and was wondering if there was either a way NATIVELY in CS5 to make this intro a side by side 3D video. OR if there was a way to offset the camera for the entire thing just a hair so I could use it for the second “eye” and manually make it a side by side video. The camera is already changing positions throughout the video, so I am not sure how to make this possible. Natively would be the best way to go if it were possible? Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

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      Still looking for help, and any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I tried a second render to see if I could do it manually. I added a new camera attached to the first camera and separated it slightly to the right. While it seems it MIGHT have worked, apparently the “wiggle” command from the first camera is random, so it threw the 2nd video out of whack as the wiggles were not synchronized.

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      I can offer only this advice..
      you can TRY duplicating the video (without the title) and crop EACH layer slight;y to make left and right eye views… it wont be perfect, there will be fore and background issues with convergence i suspect.. but you could help reduce the overall noticeability of those defects by redoing the titles in 3d and keeping the viewers attention on the titles… in anaglyph 3d thee is a trick using a prisim filter effect to make a 2d shot look 3d, but OI don’t know of any others that will work especially well for you…

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      Thanks, I suppose that could be one way. But technically the title is in the middle of the pepper patch, and it would ruin that illusion. Oh well. I won’t be making THAT many 3D videos, but it would be nice to learn AE capabilities for doing so if I really needed it.

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      Hey Double,

      Nice work on the title. You do need a shadow layer behind the lettering to distinguish the words more from the background. Though the foliage and peppers in the background look brilliant, they make it look busy and take away from the animated words. A simple fill layer (black) with the opacity cranked down to help obscure the background will save you from having to put a lens focus effect in and add to rendering time. You might also want to try a mask over that layer to add a vinette to increase the presence of the words.

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      Thanks for the main comp help there Wolfgang. The logo I had from another project and just made a screenshot of it and cut it out for this one. If I could only remember the fonts I used I could make it a true 3D object in here… I will see what I can do to separate that more for the final 2D version at least. That is the one I will use the most.

      But for future projects, any projects really in AE, is there a way to make it stereoscopic? I guess I probably should have use that word rather than 3D as there are 3D renders going on. I am still looking for a way to make a stereoscopic counterpart video for this. OR make it all in one double wide (would be best way to go I think).

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