Any way to adjust brightness during capture?

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      I have a trv11 from 2001. Looking at its lcd (set at mid-range for brightness), things look a lot brighter than on a standard TV. Sometimes I’m losing detail because of that. I know I should be able to adjust brightness in the editor (I use an old-old Premiere 6.5), but at a cost of reduced quality – that is, if detail makes it through to the computer to begin with. So, I was wondering if there is a hardware way to do this.

      BTW, this has never been a particularly “bright” camera, but it seems to have gotten worse. Is it just perception or can things really get out of wack with age? It is my first and only digital cam, so my knowledge is pretty limited. Also, is there a way to handle particularly contrasty situations (like scenes with bright snow) with a consumer cam? It does have exposure adjustment, but it is tricky to know the amount with its dim viewfinder and the lcd is of course pretty useless in sunlight.


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      corrections will have to be made in the computer. You are just transferring data. As long as it’s not way overblown, you should be able to adjust the levels in post to clean up the image some, but it’s tricky and challenging.


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