Any tips on a killer NLE machine

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      I’ve got a fairly new system that I bought, pre-built,thinking thatitwould handleAVCHD files.

      AMD Quad core processor (9200I think??)
      2 x 500 SATA drives
      3G Ram (actually 4G of ram installed but XP pro only recognizes 3G)
      ASUS motherboard (EMC line of boards, not sure of the exact model)

      Sony HDRSR7 + the provided software

      When I go into Vegas Pro to edit the AVCHD file, with all the processing power, the RAM and all the kings horses & all the kings men isn’t worth a darn. Just the simple task of playback is painful to watch and I haven’t even done any effects or transitions.

      What’s everyone else using & is there anything I can do to beef up my system? Or am I gonna have to shoot in SD until theres a PC that can handle HD files?

      Side note: I’ve got a bonified computer techie in our office & he did the research before he built his own dedicated NLE system with pretty much the same configuration as mine but 3X the $$$. He too was disappointed with the way Pinnacle & Vegas Platinum handled the AVCHD playback.

      Your thoughts/opinions welcome.

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      Really? I have a HP Media Center M8034N, with 2 GB of RAM, a 500GB SATA drive, and a AMD athlon X2 of 2.4 GH….

      I edit AVCHD Video on Sony Vegas Pro 8 too (GO VEGAS!) and i have no problem at all…..i edit avchd smoothly as an avi.

      I dont know how can i help you, but i thought i would let you know….

      Hope have helped,


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      i am is actually 2.6 GHz

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      well that makes me feel better 🙂

      Your HP Media Center M8034N is a 64bit which is better than XP 32Bit. I’m not willing to switch over 64bit, there might be compatibility issues with other programs I already have & am use to.

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      Interesting problem. First I have to ask, what kind of video card do you have or are you running off of onboard video support? It may seem a dumb question but if your NLE is ‘store bought’ many companies forego a separate video card for the video capabilities built into motherboard (helps keep the price down.) There aren’t too many motherboards with onboard video that can push HD for editing better than a card dedicated to pushing graphics and video. Also, if you do have a card does it have 512MB RAM or better? A 256 RAM video card will push SD DV fine but will start choking like a horse swallowing a bushel of carrots when it comes to rendering HD.

      In addition, have you applied the latest updates for Vegas Pro? Version 8 was up to ‘c’ when we uploaded it this past December. Part of your problem may lie there. If you’re using version 7, I’m not sure it supports AVCHD files.

      Far as 32-bit vs. 64-bit goes our recent NLE build started out with 32-bit WinXP Pro which is a solid OS, but we started having problems after upgrading to SP3. That and it was irkin’ the crap out of me that XP would only recognize 2.5 of the installed 4GB’s of RAM. We had built a system with the intention of doing HD for finishing and 32-bit worked (premeire and vegas worked fine) but the glitches and the RAM deficientcies were holding back the machine’s potential.

      After some serious research (XP 64-bit or Vista 64-bit?) we went with Vista Business 64-bit SP1. Except for a retarded glitch and an even simpler workaround (amazing what Debugging mode can accomplish) any trepidations I had are gone. Nearly all of my old 32-bit programs and plug-ins work just fine (Kai Power Tools 5, Bryce 5 just to name a few.) Some didn’t work at all (Poser 3) but they didn’t work with XP-32 bit either. Except for Vista constantly asking for confirmation to install stuff (which eliminates phantom software installations) Vista Biz runs smooth as fresh blown glass, sees all 8GB’s of RAM and we’ve only had to replace one piece of hardware that was listed that it was compatible with Vista (but neglected to say it wasn’t w/64-bit.) Edits run fast and renders worked quickly with one video card (512MB PNY GeForce GX8800 GT) and fly’s like a hawk with two (full-frame HD 1280 x 720 3D renders average 30-50 seconds.) None of our 32-bit systems will do that workhorses that they are.

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      The first thing I would ask is what Composite1 asked about the video card.

      Mine has a gigantic processor on it and 500MB of dedicated on card ram.

      Also, what brand of Motherboard are you using? A no name off brand or good brand.

      What is your FSB?

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