Any microphone headsets to hear your own voice?

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      Hi everyone,

      I have a few microphones for my computer but I am wondering if any company makes a microphone headset that allows you to hear your own voice while your talking (like a intercom).

      I am also a pilot and these would be the type of headsets we use but- is there anything like this for a computer?

      Or is there a way I could rig one up inexpensively (under $200)?

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      You could always get a small mixing board for under a $100 and listen though the headset out.


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      If you are talking about hearing yourself through the computer, like when you are adding narration, checking your computers sound settingscould allowuse of a regular mic headset. Depending on the sound card setup you can block/unblock mic pass-through. You may have to do a few trial runs with your editing software to adjust both the mic and speaker volume through the sound settings so you hear the same level that is being recorded. You don’t want the mic volume low an the speaker volume high to compensate, for example, and have your voice a whisper on the video playback..

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      Plantronics make excellent headphone/microphone sets that plug into a USB port on your computer. The headset has separate volume control for the earphones.

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