Any ADobe PremierPro MASTER?????? Expert ?????????

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      hello there !!

      i m searching for some new & Easy Videotransitions or u can say Video Effect.. urgent Help … i didnt find in youtube . or some where els. if u find somethinginterestingeffect let me .. knoe..

      Its Urgent.. m working on project.. pls its urgent..



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    Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

    Can you be more specific?

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    Hey SArgeHero..!!

    Actually m doing editing for mah Video project which is adocumentary based on social Issue & 2nd oneis based on Hope never Dies. which contains some of Feeling & Emotions which never Express but we can feel it…

    so for that i need some of Video Transitions & u can say Video Cool Effect like .. Split screen or blinking video Effect.. So i need that type or plugin orTemplatesor ….Some VideoReference…i didnt find it in youtube .. ..:( hop so u will help me in this Problem.. Related to Cool Effect.

    Tc..waiting fo yourreply..

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    Tiffen have some cool effects and transitions that work well with Premiere Pro. You can download a 15 day free trial from their website.

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    Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

    Hello kbkb143

    For split screen put one clip in video 1 and a second clip above in video 2 (overlay), then go to video effects and change the scale and position until you can see the two clips in the canvas (program monitor). You can put one clip beside the other or any way you like.

    For the video effects I found some Premiere transitions herethat could be helpful to you. If you are looking for something specific you could create them yourself in After Effects or in Premiere by playing with video effects (this is more advance).

    Hope this helps

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    I think most of what you are looking for is in Premiere if you take the time to learn it..If you spent the 600-900 bucks you should glance at the manual. look under strobe effect for the “blinking light” good luck


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     Don’t tell anybody.SHHHHH but take a look a you didn’t hear it from me. Good Luck. JH

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