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      Since last new year I’ve been working (contract) for a software company making screen capture videos, tutorials and customer testimonials. That’s all fine and good, if you are into education and video like I am, it’s a good fit.

      My customer noted I had twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and had my own blog on my website and asked me to ‘handle’ their social media for their three day user conference. Armed with my Canon D60, my Kodak Z8i and a Canon HV20 with wireless mic, I have been capturing video & images with the Kodak which I use to update the social media accounts. I use the Canon D60 to build up the stock images of interested crowds and staff presenters to be used in future advertising. I have the HV20 set up to collect testimonials of the conference and the software when the sessions are on break.

      Knowing my media and having the equipment to switch from, say, my RODE Videomic to Sennhieser wireless when things got really noisy, has put me a leg up on full time employees who used to do what they could. Its also given me some specialized experience which I may be able to use elsewhere. I left my Canon XHA1 at home because it is so imposing looking - its great for recording speakers and presentations but in this event the presentations werent being moved to the web. The HV20 is very unimposing and Ive collected a few nice testimonials to work on over the next few weeks – more billable hours.

      If you are interested in how that social media looked then check out these links: On twitter look for windward_pos. The Windward Software website is there is a link to their WordPress blog. BTW WordPress was very easy to learn. The blogs go to their Facebook page so that is just a duplicate of stuff found elsewhere.

      So, if you are looking for ways to use your cameras to the max and combine it with Social Media, you may already be doing for yourself, look for opportunities to become an Event Social Mediographer (ESM – you saw it here first!)

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      I leverage social media to create turn key video ad campaigns for clients. Anyone not utilizing the strangths of social networking in today’s video world is missing the boat. Of all my tools to sell these in, I lean on existing cable spots to make my own point… that they are wasting dollars by advertising the way their Dad did.

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