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      <span id=”comment-text-1565106″>I know, lots of these, but none really seemed to narrow in on my specific needs, which are:

      1. Entry level. Don’t want to spend more then $700 right now. Just something to allow me to produce some web based videos.

      2. Mic Input. Want to make sure I can connect an external mic.

      3. Hard Drive or Memory Card. No Tape.

      4. No goofy file formats or having to “convert” footage for editing. The key for me is simplicity. I know a hard drive camera probably complicates this, but I do have Mac and PC, and both Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Would prefer to edit in Mac so want a camera that will shoot footage that is ready to edit out of the camera.

      5. Hi-Def output, but 99% of footage will be online.

      Thanks in advance… </span>

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      Look on the front page?

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      Gee thanks, like I didn’t try that. The reviews on this site don’t really get into the specifics around #4. I was hoping to get some real world feedback from users. Not wise ass remarks.

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