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      Here’s the situation: I recorded some stuff onto a tape a while ago in SP. Now I’m recording some other stuff over it in LP. If I rewind the tape to review what I just shot, I usually can’t get it back exactly where I need to. So what ends up happening is that it shows that little bit of video that was there earlier, and the timecodes are off a bit. When I goto capture the footage, FCP will capture all of it, regardless of the timecode breaks (I did that because it was taking forever trying to create separate files for each segment), but when I look at the clip in Final Cut, it only shows up to the point where there was that timecode jump. I can view the original file in the capture scratch folder, and it’s all there.

      So, why doesn’t FCP show all of it? There’s no way for me to change the out point so that it goes to the end of the footage as far as I could see. It’s already set, and it won’t let me change it. Now I’ve got another problem of having all this extra footage that I can’t use taking up space on my harddrive. Hopefully I’ll get some responses on here. I haven’t been getting too many on most of my posts lately. Does anyone have any recommendations for other forums to post questions like this? Thanks guys,


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