Another one in need of camera recommendations.

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      I’ve flipped through forums after forums, including this one and it’s still surprisingly hard to pin point a forum that truly answers the questions in my mind.

      I played with a really cheap Sony Handycam that my cousin let me use for free until he got hauled off by the FBI (Long story, but kinda funny). Anyhow, after reading through these forums, it makes sense to really word my question right for you guys to truly answer it. So I hope this is the best description of my needs/wants:

      I was looking around $1,000, give or take, since my job isn’t so nice about my wages. So 3CCD and 1CCD aren’t as imperative to me due to the range. Also, some higher 1CCD seem to outperform lower end 3CCD, according to some forums and expert reviews. If I’m wrong please do correct me. I’m still a rookie at this.

      Anyhow, the purpose of the camera will be used for independent shorts. Low light isn’t as imperative as I would probably can not expect too much of for this price range. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have one that does do well in those conditions.

      My cousin’s camera had a "spot focus" or "spot metering" function which, I think is most Sony Handycams have because of the touch panel function, except for the Sony Handycam DCR-TRV280 that doesn’t support it for some reason. Anyhow, this was a function I really enjoyed and wondered if it should still be considered or if there is better alternative with the next camera to consider.

      Also, the reason for the price range includes the need for a seperate audio capturing device. Some cameras have the external mic input, but I realized how video and audio are on seperate layers anyways, so the on board audio of a camcorder may also not be as imperative. I saw that Videomaker just advertised the Zoom H4 which I’ve been researching in comparison to the Edirol R-09, the M-Audio AudioTrack, and the Sony MZ-M200 field recorders. Each of these will be within a 300-400 range, give or take. I can ask this question in the audio forums later, but if you have any recommendations with these as well, that would help a lot.

      Thanks guys.


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      Hi Jackson,
      It sounds like we may have somewhat similar interests. I’m an audio engineer getting into video. I am trying to broadcast quality processed studio audio with relatively low-quality web-video for a vidcast.

      The clincher is that even the pro-sumer camcorders don’t seem to have balanced XLR audio inputs and my budget is fairly low.

      If you’d like to check out our pro-audio and broadcast reviews on the audio recorders, stop by:

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