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      Hi Everyone:

      Just discovered this excellent forum and have a few questions. I’m old! 65 to be exact but want to remain active, engaged and make a little money. I have many years of work experience, life experience, and spent many years in the theater. In the last few years, I have been drawn to video making starting with Pinnacle Studio which I found very frustrating and switched to a Mac with Imovie which is infinitely better. I have made several “home movies” with stills, video, music, etc. which have been very well received. I am still working on honing my technical skills and my many years in the theater have given me confidence in my editing choices. I’m also confident about interviewing subjects and getting their stories. This whole process is really like the theater!

      My goal is to make personal video biographies of people/famiiies in the A&E tradition. Any and all suggestions would be welcome about pricing for these projects. Also, I have been asked to do a slide montage which I’ve done as well but am not sure how much to charge. The prices seem to vary wildly out there. Thanks for any help and guidance you might offer!

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      Welcome. Simply by searching the various Videomaker Forum topics you will discover a bounty of ideas, thoughts, information and inspiration. Notwithstanding the availability of so many how to, instructional and training resources offered by Videomaker.

      Many here have blogs as well, sharing a LOT of knowledge and information about virtually ever facet of video. Check out J. Michael Long’s In The Viewfinder and Earl Chessher’s E.C. Come, E.C. Go to get started, but fish around here for leads to a number of others, like Lorraine Grula – and MORE!

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