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      Hi all. I am looking at setting up a "studio". My first attempt would be to make a demo to 1) get funding for bigger and better equipment, and to become more skilled.

      I was thinking about setting up 2-3 static cameras, and having one I could move around. The instructor will be in the same general location, but will need close ups as well as area shots.

      I was planning on cuting and pasting shots from the multiple cameras to form the video.

      The basis of my question is:

      What would be the best, least expensive cameras to start with. I assume I want MiniDV(s).
      I was thinking about using Adobe premier as an editor.

      Any help would be great.


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      Hank, too funny!


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      Why did you even waste your time. I dont see any value to posting to this place if all I am going to get
      is negitive feedback from the resident Douc*e Bag.

      If you wanted to help, you could have asked questions to help me focus in on what I want to do. However being a Newbie, I may not know the right questions to ask.

      So I guess at this point I am left to go buy or borrow, and start from scratch, and make all the mistakes with out any bennifit from the "experts".

      Again, thanks for nothing. I dont know why I would be back here. so dont bother to reply.

      and dont forget. GET A LIFE.

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      with an attitude like that, you’ll get nowhere. i suppose we’re all duty bound to monitor for your posts and give instant feedback. after all, you’re the most important person in the universe, and you deserve service now!

      grow up!

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