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      Came accross this the other day and thought I would share. It has some intersting features.

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      Whoa, that waypoint stuff on the notebook was too cool!

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      If you look at some of his other videos, there is one test flight where by waypoints they launch it and it follows a raod at fairly high altitude. What impresses me is the flight time he is able to get on his batteries knowing he is spinng 6 electric motors. Their 3Km test flight used a model with 4 motors.

      MikroKopter”>″>MikroKopter – Mission:”Rheinbach”

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      Geez! And that thing doesn’t exactly move slow, either (it’s not like it’s trying to go slow to save on “gas” or anything). It’s quite a machine!

      I don’t think I’d feel to comfortable standing next to it while it’s hovering, though–might end up with a short haircut!

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      Nice rig. The GPS thing is only useful unless you’re scouting for a ‘Predator Drone’ mission. What I would much rather see is a real-time view of what the camera is seeing. That would be far more useful.

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