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Another great example of the importance of Sound

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    Despite this being ‘Videomaker’ forums and the emphasis lying so heavily on the visual element of video, unless you’re purposely making silent movies Sound is an equally crucial element to your work. Plenty of emphasis on collecting good sound in the field is made in the forums, whether making a narrative or documentary project your Sound Design (or lack of it) will make or break your film. Here’s a vid from the folks at Soundworks as they show us their process for creating the soundtrack for the the Sci-fi thriller “Inception”.

    “Inception” Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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    i seriously need to see this. i heard it so good

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    It really looks like a reworking of the ’80’s film “Dreamscape”. Definitely looks like it will be a visual feast. However, Di Caprio looks more like he could be his love interest’s father….

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    It never fails to amaze me how often the audio is the poor cousin of the picture in many videos, TV interviews etc. I cringe sometimes at what I hear. If the picture and editing is great, but the sound is poor it totally detracts form the professionalism of the product, and in extreme cases I simply switch it off.

    Audio-picture:equal importance

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