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      I am seeking to upgrade from my current laptop to a more powerful computer for my editing needs. I do custom sports videos and my NLE is Vegas 6.0. Any feedback regarding the options I am exploring for my setup will be greatly welcomed…do I need more or less of what is detailed below? Thanks.

      Dual Core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz 2×2
      3GB SDRAM / 400 MHz (4 DIMMS)
      Drive 1: 250 GB SATA 7200
      Drive 2: 500 GB SATA 7200
      48x/32x CD-RW & 16x DVD+/RW
      128 MB PCIEx16 nVidia Quadro FX540

      2 19" Flat Panel monitors

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      😯 Holy Cow!

      All I can say is you’ll do just fine. In fact you’re all set for HD! I come from the school that more is better and the way things go in this field, programs and other technologies will just get more and more demanding on PC’s so why not load up ahead of time.

      For Vegas you could tone it down but I wouldn’t because next year you might switch to a different program that needs more horsepower.


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      thanks for the quick feedback!

      i definitely want something that is productive now and will allow me to grow in the future. i also believe in paying more now for quality inetead of having to pay later for mistakes (or cheap equipment)!

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