Animation Titles, How to make?

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      I really want to make one of these titles in this video: from 0:01-0:05. I’ve been googling for the past half hour and i havn’t found anything useful, can any one make a tutorial on how to do this, or is there a program? If anyone has any luck finding a tutorial that would help also. Thanks!

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      I assume you’re talking about the blue graphic.

      Instead of trying to make it yourself, I’d just buy sometime similar.

      Here’s a couple of ideas – both from

      Buy a static graphic and reveal it with a matte over time or

      buy one of their Motion Design Elements and play around with it’s motion and again possibly use a matte.

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      It looks to me like a drawing in Adobe Illustrator, that is keyframed, and given a glow effect in Adobe After Effects. I have a friend who can do the Illustrator stuff and both of uscan do the AEFX stuff. Or you can teach yourself. butterfly guy’s suggestion is also good.

      There are tutorials on also known as AdobeTV. They haveawesome stuff on there including things from NAB. I recommend it.

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