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      Hi all. I am not sure what the effects are called so forgive me if the topic name is incorrect!. Basically I want to add fireworks shooting off on top of my video footage. I’m using After Effects 6.5. I have noticed these type of effects on television title rolls like Britains Got Talent etc.. Those are the kind of stuff I’m interested in. Can anyone advise if these are available to purchase or if not what tools do I need to create them. I did try to import a .swf file in AAE but it would not accept it, despite having a later version of Quicktime as stated in the help. Thank you all.

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      Not quite sure exactly what you are trying to do (sorry, I’ve never seen Britain’s Got Talent) Can you explain a little more of what the effect looks like?

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      Thanks for replying. I guess it is effects, for example like wedding confetti splashed over a clip of video or even fireworks shooting off that were not originally shot but simulated in animated fashion over the original footage. Thanks

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      noussummon Wrote:

      Basically I want to add fireworks shooting off on top of my video footage.

      1) If you have the fireworks as a a video file, you could put that track above the background and change the opacity so the background track shows through or

      2) If you need a fireworks overlay, Digital Juice has some nice overlays, including fireworks, with full alpha channel support in their

      Editors Toolkit 2:

      or many of their Motion Design Elements

      And even better DJ has a sale on their Motion Design Elements this weekend only – Pick any ten volumes for a total of $169 – That’s less than twenty bucks each even including shipping! They normally go for $99 per volume.

      I have done both and they are both good for different looks.



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      Great! thanks a lot.

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