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      just wanted to know how one can put the animated logo on the bottom of the video from the beginning to the end of the project. I believe some of the logo are made in after effect but some times the image can last for a hour, can after effect take an hour composition? Is there ay other way they do it? Please help me this always puzzles me. I make a 30 second animated logo then paste it several times on the project but it look like it is looping.

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      If your editing software supports graphics animation, it will be as easy as quick Google search or help index lookup. If your software doesn’t support animating graphics, have you checked the realm of software available for creating animated GIFs?

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      I can tell you how I do it. There may be faster ways. I have my gif (either one I made/make, from free usage, or one I paid someone to make for me) on a separate video track in Vegas. Then, I crop it to whatever size I need, do all the technical mumbo jumbo to try and make it look smoothed out and no jaggies (if I have to chroma it for a better look, I will), place it in whichever corner I desire, then I stretch it to the length of the video or whatever length I desire.

      I usually make my gifs in Vegas saved as a wmv. Then, I use a neat little program I purchased from ConvexSoft that converts video files into animated gifs, swf, and flash files. It works for me.

      Hope this helps.

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      mmm..I use VidGIF

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      What NLE are you using

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      Grinner Hester

      Animate a loopable bug, bring it in with an alpha channel and stack it up to the duration you want.

      To get a seemless loop just have the animate’s last frame match it’s first.

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      I am with Grinner on this. that is how i do it In Vegas. There I can strech it ot as long as i need it to be. thatis how my D-juice stuff works with its animated things. I put it no the time line change the alpha channel and then strech it out as dar as I need it

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      The initial question was can After Effects make a composition that is an hour or more in length. The answer to that question is yes it can. This would allow you to create a non-looping animation. If you are trying to create a looping animation though you can also make a shorter, modular animation and stack it in your NLE as Grinner suggested.

      I have never heard of anyone using animated GIF images in video projects. The GIF format was created specifically for web work and as such was purposely created to use a limited gamut of colors (256) which results in color banding and jagged edges. For still images the most common format is a TIFF (which supports millions of colors and an alpha channel for transparency) and for animation would be either an image sequence (again usually of TIFF files) or a video file that supports an Alpha Channel (such as an AVI or Quicktime file).

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