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      I’m doing a short film and i need an animated graph. I started to do it in Adobe illustrator but it’s just to many layers for it to handle. I was wondering what other way i could make an animated graph considering I don’t know much about flash.

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      What type of graph? I would have suggested flash if you hadn’t said no to it already ;).
      Bar Graph? How much info?
      You can do it in many different ways, Flash, inside of premiere using layers, (and photoshop) even in 3D using your favorite 3D package.

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      I would create the graph in a spreadsheet application [so that it is accurate], then trace and animate it with an animation and/or compositing package. I use Bauhaus’s Mirage for this, but I’m sure other products like after effects could do it.

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      An easy way to do this without layers it to have pics of the different "stages" of your graph. put them in your video editing software in the order desired and then use a cross fade transition. It gives the illusion of animation. I used this for a map sequence to show where an individual had traveled and it appeared as if the line was moving or being drawn. You might have to experiment with the increments. It worked well in my situation, might for u as well and it doesnt require any extra software or know how.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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