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With about 90,000 members to Videomaker, I am very curious as to how many of us are still using analog camcorders (VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, etc.). I find it hard to believe that all of the Videomaker members are ALL into digital only. I would like to have feedback from some analog members who still enjoy using this format vs digital (or maybe use both). If everyone was shooting digital only, then there would be no market for analog tapes. However, there are many outlets selling lots of analog tapes, including some of the camcorder manufacturers themselves.

Any comments ad feedback, please? Thanks folks.

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I've still got a digital high-8 camera mainly for playback of archived tapes. I haven't shot anything with it since 2002. Other than that all my rigs are digital tape or use flash media.

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Interesting question, Pete, I'd be curious to know the answer, too. I was just telling a co-worker about a recent trip to San Francisco where I saw two women at a tourist event shooting video.

One was using an iPad - very awkward but what a viewfinder! The other was using an old Hi8 camcorder with a long eyepeice and no viewfinder [in my opinion, eyepeices are much better than the LCD flip-outs for fine-tune focusing.]

It was interesting to see both of them shooting on technology that was decades different from each other, and both seemed content with how they captured their footage.

Most likely the Videomaker readers are going to be using more current technology, due to their desire to learn about the latest, but it doesn't mean they don't have or use these old formats at some time or another.

Like "Composite 1" noted above, we keep one of each format here at the office in case we have a need to convert old footage. I was at a press event recently where Sony announced they are no longer going to manufacture any tape-based cameras anymore, even though some might still be popular.

Retail sellers of video tape tell us that tape is still selling well, but sales have dwindled at bit. VHS tape can still be found in drugstores and some electronics stores.

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My "old" Canon Hi8 captures much better looking footage indoors than my Canon consumer-level DV. The larger imager makes a noticeable difference. Sharpness is better with the DV but, when I want "brighter" looking shots, I sometimes turn to the Hi8. I then convert it to digital for editing.