Analog to digital transferring: Why the glitch?

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      Hello: I am new to this forum and I would like to post my first question to the community. Yesterday, I took a two-year old VHS tape (in good shape) and played it into my digital camcorder’s A/V input via a cord. The purpose, of course, was to digitize this analog signal so that I could better edit it using either Pinnacle Studio 10 or Nero Vision 4. Anyway, when I played the digital tape back into the TV, all seemed fine, but when I capture it to the computer, now there is this annoying horizontal line (glitch I call it) that is on the bottom of the screen. What caused this, and is there a better way to transfer analog to digital without going through the camera? I recently ordered Dazzle Platinum from Pinnacle. Once I get it, I hope it’s a better way to transfer analog tape to digital. Please help! Steve

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      This is pretty much normal. Without getting to technical details, it has to do with frequencies and interlacing during recording. You will easily see this when you’re editing because you are seeing the entire size of the frame. If you are eventually planning on encoding this for NTSC TV viewing, you will most likely not even see this only because there is a small percentage of the frame size around the periemeter that won’t be visible. If you are encoding for something like PC viewing or the web, then this could remain visible.

      One easy and quick fix is to just scale up (or zoom in) the frame just enough so that the flashy line on the bottom is off the screen. You won’t need to go to far so your resolution should still be fine. Then when you export your movie you won’t see that scrambled line anymore.


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      Thanks for that information. Yes, all this editing via digital is new to me, and to tell you the truth, I am familiar with watching videos online and seeing the line at the bottom; obviously from the analog to digital transfer. When I finish this project, I am sure I won’t see the annoying line played on an NTSC television. Afterall, I didn’t see this line when I watched the video directly from the digital tape into the TV. Steve

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