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      I have some old Hi8 tapes and my old Sony HandyCam with no firewire. What is the best way to convert this footage onto my Mac with Final Cut Express. I dont want to buy converting software since I already use FCE. I just want to know what kind of adapter to by so that when I go into FCE and click capture it will capture what is on my HandyCAM.

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      Your handycam doesn’t have firewire does it? If you can borrow a digital 8 camera, you can use it’s firewire and it’ll play hi8 just fine. Outside of that, you’re lookin’ at a cheap analog break out box.

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      For the ‘macweenies’ that just gotta’ do some old school capturing:

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      Canopus Twin Pac 100 will handle that

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      sony trv 350 plays digital 8, hi 8 , and has firewire out…. I got one used for $8.00 or so and use it’s vcr mode to capture analogue up to “svideo, and dv capture…

      one would work for you if you can find one.

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