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      I am looking to purchase a stand alone analog to digital converter, rather than spend about $300.00 for one I am considering buying an other camcorder that would do the conversion. I looked for such a camcorder but could not find one , could anyone help me ?

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      What format or formats are you trying to convert?

      Any digital camera with analog inputs (RCA/s-video) and a firewire port will do the trick as long as you have the hardware to playback the source.

      If youneed to convert Hi8, you will need a Sony digital 8 to play the tapes, but you will also be able to hook playback hardware to it like a VCR if you also need to convert other formats. Just make sure the Sony Digital 8 is a model that will paly back Hi8 for Hi8 conversion…some don’t – It should be listed in the specs or on the camera.

      If you don’t have to convert Hi8, than I would recommend any mini-DV camera.Most have analog inputs and firewire,especially older modelsthat can be found for cheap at pawn shops or private sellers.

      Sorry I don’t have model numbers foryou, but the Sony DCR TRV series is a good way to go for Digital8.

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      You should be able to find something between 70-150 bucks….I recently bought a mini-dv cam for 50 at a pawn shop…works great.

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      Are there any current camcorders with thru put that would convert analog to digital

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      Any camera that has the analog inputs and firewire outshould have thru put…you’ll have to put it in “vtr mode” or “vcr mode” or “play mode” or whatever your camera calls it.

      I can try to look around for you, but what format exactly do you want to convert and how much are you willing to spend? There may be better options.

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      Take a look at Pinnacle’s Video Transfer box. I have one which does not require a computer to transfer my old videos. I just hook up my vcr – plug in the transfer box – and what I want to record to – in my case – external hard drive and occasionally an SD flash drive.

      For more info go to:

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