An HVX200A on ZoomMania for $2,749.00??

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      My original plan was to get a an HVX as my primary camera and then a Cannon XHA1 as backup. But then a google search led me to prices as low as $2,700 for an HVX200A. Which would make it about the same price as the XHA1. Does anybody have experience with there lower price tags? There’s got to be a catch, right?

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      check to see if that site is a scam. Sounds to me it is.That camera doesn’t go for that price.

      I suggest Some of the other regulars on this forum can direct you to other trusted distributors as well.

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      I’d pass…looks like another scam check out this site…

      I’m glad I waited because I almost got scammed by self. Was looking for a Sony FX1000, and found 2 sites that were selling it for $1600 (this is a $3000 camcorder). Well two weeks later I was ready to order, tried finding the sites, they’re gone. Did a google on them and found tons of scam and ripoff complaints all over the internet.

      Even if there is one and the price is too good to be true I’m staying away from now on. Like he said, go w/ BHphoto, I’ve dealt with them twice this month (nothing video related) and their customer service is excellent!

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      I sent you an extensive e-mail reply to your e-mail to me, Lorenzo. Hope some of it helped out.

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