an AVCHD age, Frame Accurate or Gop Accurate?

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      It is now the age of AVCHD. While we are facing AVCHD format every day and every where, there grows the need to edit it. Just like what happened to MPEG2 10 years ago.

      Like the editors for MPEG2, there is also the problem of GOP-accurate or frame accurate. A GOP of MPEG2 may have 15~30 frames each, but a AVCHD GOP could be seconds in duration. So, simply cut on the GOP boundary may lead to a miss of several seconds, that would be not acceptable for many users.

      WYSIWYG, also spelled as What You See Is What You Get, has long been a standard demand for modern softwares. We will surely take this as a normal requirement. Hard to imagine, when a user defined a cut point on the time line, but the output is 3 seconds away from that point.

      Because of the longer GOP it has, AVCHD will ask for more accurate editing tools. That is why the frame accuracy will be necessary to the industry.

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