An article I wrote based on the Zacuto 2011 Camera Shootout-Part 2

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      Anyone of you guys watched the second webisode yet?

      I wrote an article about the shortcomings of DSLR filmmaking after watching Zacuto’s 2011 Great Camera Shootout. Do check it out at

      and leave me comments and replies here=] Would be greatly appreciated to know what you guys think.

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      I was actually surprised the the Canon’s did as bad as they did in these tests. Personally, I will not use a DSRL for video but still the color loss and lack of sharpness is stagering. I am sure that they take great still images but what a loss and the hype around them.

      Another thing that surprised me is how the AF-100 stacked up, it was up there with the big boys in sharpness and color representation. Of course with the MOS sensor I am sure it will fall on it’s butt in the third series of tests.

      By the way, that was a pretty good article that you wrote.

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      I watched and enjoyed last year’s shootout, but since then, I’ve left Canon moire and softness behind for the GH2, so this year’s test was not really relevant to me. That said, the AF100’s results were very encouraging, and since the GH2 has the same sensor size and shares the same lenses, I am that much more inclined to buy an AF100 when the time comes to upgrade.



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      Glad you appreciated it, Charles. YeahAF100 does look way above it’s specs. i don’t think canon would want it’s dslrs to go into the filmmaking market. I mean, it’s been awhile and they haven’t delivered an improved version of the 5D. But what this ‘revolution’ did is make video cameras step up their game. But I haven’t given up hope yet. I’m still comfortable with my canon dslr for filming.

      Oh by the way, I wrote another article on fluid motion recordingperhaps you guys could check that out too.


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      My bad… here’s the article…

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      i watched the shootout too – but this time we are comparing the 5D to $15-250K cameras. I would hope that the other cameras would do better! Lets get real here. The RED has 4k and RAW- how can you shoot down the 5D with only 1k and H.264 with fairness?

      I have taken shots on my 5D with Zeiss glass and I am blown away. Rich, good contrast, sharp, precise, stunning color, gorgeous boketh, night shots with ease, no noise at 2500, and the best still shots in the world at 21 Mpx RAW. I’m a happy camper. it even far outperforms my expensive Sony Z5 in the evenings when the sun goes down and the sony goes to bed! Thanks, but I am sold.

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      ahahha! agreed! I think z5 isn’t going to be in anybody’s great camera shootout list anytime soon though.

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      Actually, the Z5 is far easier to use than the Canon by a wide margin. The sharpness and clarity is equal to the Canon. It has superb audio, mics, auto or manual everything, 20x zoom. And is a delight to use. It will run equal to or better that any camera out there in the 1/3″ sensor size. And the lens is equal to the fujinon and zeiss lenses. But it fails in the evenings, and night shots unless well lit. it can do theater with ease, but moonlight – nope. It has no shallow depth of field to speak of. It has its advantages and when used properly, it is stellar. But remember it is still HD, not 2k or 4k and it costs about $4k – not $50k! the 2 are a formidable pair together

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