An alternative to the Chroma Key. (Erasing parts of video)

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      Hello people, I’m new here, I just wanna ask you something.
      As you guys can read the title, i wanted to ask you if there is a way to erase some parts of a videoclip (like the Erase tool found in Photoshop for example) so to show the video that is below? So the erased part remains transparent and the rest of the clip continues to show.
      I’ve tried with Flash but u can only "mask" the video, u can’t make a part of it "transparent".
      Thanks in advance.

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      You could use any paint program to manually create a static matte, which your video editor would then use to determine which part of the video image was transparent. Most video editors would be able to use such a matte (but you’ll have to read the instructions to see how to use mattes with YOUR editor). But the nice thing about chromakey is that it creates DYNAMIC mattes, also called TRAVELING mattes. So, as your actor walks along in front of the green screen, a new matte is being calculated for each frame. If you were really into self-punishment, I suppose you could manually create a matte for each frame, but OH, THE TIME THAT WOULD TAKE!!!! 😯

      Another technique that’s been around since the early days of TV is Luminence Key, which creates a matte based on the subject brightness. It sort of works, but I would recommend ChromaKey first. 🙂

      Ken Hull

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      Yea i can do that, but Paint programs will do it on 1 frame only, what if i have like 200 frames?

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      if you have 200 frames, you have a lot of work ahead of you. In Sony Vegas, you could draw masks to hide the portions of video you don’t want, again, but not neccessarily frame by frame.


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      ah I didnt know that, thanks for the info 🙂

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