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      Hi Guys,

      I have a question about AMD chipsets and Adobe Premier.

      I have an old PC with an AMD Athlon (firebird) processor and have tried to use Premier on it and it would not work.

      I was told that Premier would not work with Any AMD chipset, but since then, i have found an article comparing the speed of the new AMD chipsets to the Intel Xeon chipsets, both Duel and Duel Core.

      So i now assume that Premier is compatable with AMD chipsets.

      Can anyone confirm this for definate? Does anyone know which Chips and why?

      On the Adobe Website, all i can find is a general Pc requirement, and it say that a Chipset must be SSE2 compatable,

      Thanks in advance,


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      Its not so much an AMD compatibility problem. Premiere requires the processor to support SSE2 instructions. Many AMD chips don’t support SSE2. If your does, you should be ok. If your looking to buy an AMD, be certain SSE2 is supported.

      I’m not sure on this part but I think SSE2 is built into a chip. It’s not something you can install.

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      Ey up,

      sorry about this, i actually posted this before and have had replies that answered my question.

      I think i am losing it in my old age.

      You are spot on sright though about the SSE2 support, and all (i think) new AMD chips have this.

      I have a friend who builds systems and he is giving me a quote for a Duel Chip system. I aksed him for 2 Xeon chips, but he said if i could use AMd, that would save me a lot of money. So he is quoting me on both systems.

      Also as i said above, the AMD chips beat the Intel chips in tests with both Premier and Ecnore files.

      Cheers for the reply mate, I will let you know when i get the new system and what i think.


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