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      I am a very, very amatuer videographer, so I need some really basic questions anwered. Please don’t laught at me. :-//
      I belong to a Playgroup that meets once a week so our 2 year olds can play together. We have been meeting every week since the babies were 6 weeks old and we go somewhere different each week.

      So I have A LOT of video footage from the last 2 years that I would like to edit into a dvd production to give to everyone. But I want to put it into a theme, like a movie that includes music, photos, chapters etc.

      I just need some help with how to put it all together, not how to do it, but a theme or idea of how to string it all together eg. like an action film or a romantic comedy etc.

      I know I’m not being very clear. If anyone’s made short dvd’s about kids etc I’d love to view them to get some ideas.

      I’d also like some ideas for songs to put to the dvd.

      Thanks for your help.

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      first of all forgive me if im not answering your question, but i’ll try to help now.
      You must have a lot of excess footage that you dont really need, so i suggest, before you do anything, watch and rewatch your footage, cutting out bits and pieces that you dont want. At least you’ll now have stuff that you definitely want to work with. Look for similarities is different "scenes" of your footage. then you can comprise this into a chapter, and another one etc. Sorry if this isnt much help!
      But good luck with your video.


      p.s. i think you have a theme in itself now- memories, nostalgia,

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      A log sheet might help you in narrowing down your video – basically, for each clip, you log what tape the clip is on, what the content of the clip is, and what time it starts/stops (and then you calculate the length). You can get log sheets from my website at Video Production Support – Forums.

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      I totally agree with AlexaWazo. That would be the easiest – get rid of all boring and half-good stuff, but make sure you keep all the kids. Some of them may be present on the segment you would cut out otherwise.

      Group footage together by seasons or by events. Start each section with the title and a music theme, something the children and the parents may relate to. Keep the music up during mostly visual parts, bring it down for the moments when you want a sound bite or full natural audio.

      Keep it going chapter after chapter, one step at a time.

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