Amatuer Director needs advice regarding camera and editing

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I am an amatuer director,I have done few shortfilms some with simple handy cams and some by hiring professional cinematographers.Now I am thinking about buying a camcorder so that I can do it myself and edit the video myself.My next project involves a lot of stylish sequences and execellent editing.What kind of camera would you guys recommend,I want minimum 3CCD(my budget is bw $700 and $900) video quality so that if needed i can air it in channels.I also request you guys to recommend some easy to use professional editing software,right now I am using Vegas and I had a hard time using it.I expect the the video to have filmy look removing the shakes and all....!

I hope you guys will help me .

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A lot of people like Final Cut Pro.

If that's too expensive, try a later version of Vegas. I personally REALLY LIKE Vegas, but a lot of people I know thought version 6 was awful. I've heard that version 8 is way better.

Good luck!