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      Hey all,

      You all have helped so much when I was figuring out what “prosumer” equipment to buy, and many other technical questions i had. All the equipment is in, and a friend of a friend starting up a new business asked me to make a web video that he is intending to use on his website. It’s my first video, and its obvious I’m not professional/experienced – my acquaintance knew this up front, and wasn’t expecting professional. After seeing the video his comment was that he liked the video, but hated himself in it….and I’m not sure exactly where to go from there. Anyway, any advice on how to make my next video more professional, or how to improve upon this one? I’d appreciate any insight/advice you may have!

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      In other promotional videos I have done, some text or graphics on the screen at the same time the speakers is enumerating his points can help show the importance of a point and make it more memorable.

      I personally like the office setting but it might have been better looking with more color (they were very bland) – Perhaps a green screen and virtual background/set might have been more appropriate.

      The overall production was good but seemed a little to subdued for me – He is trying to sell a service and while Billy Mays (RIP) might be obnoxious, his enthusiasm was contagious and came through very strongly – Your pitchman sounded as if he was trying to sell cemetery plots or bibles, not business building websites.

      As I said, I thought the production was very well done technically (editing, sound, lighting – ok maybe kill the desk lamp) but it needed more oomph.

      Just MHO.

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      I would have kept the audio in both channels and the music bed a bit softer so that it provides ambience and doesn’t take awayorintrude uponthe vocal. You could have used a bit more light, and I would have taken the to do list out of the background and masked out the chair scuff marks on the wall behind the talent, but not bad.


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      Really nice for a first timer, wish my first one looked that good. You need more broll in my opinion. I got board looking at the spokesperson talking. Part of promoting a product with video means showing your demographic what you are talking about. Perfect example in your pitch it said according to Neilson some percentage turn to the internet first. I dont remember the percentage after watching the video, because you did not show me. A simple cut away to a graphic background with that percentage listed in cg would help remind me. Anything that helps build creadability to your points needs to be both said and shown.

      Also my biggest advice would be look up Aristotal’s appeal methods, memorize them, then live by them. Every mainstream advertisment exhibits some form of either Ethos Pathos or Logos.

      Finally if you want to hit your demo on a subconscious level look up the psychology of colors. There is a reason that you see red in almost every fast food restaurants logo, go learn about it. Gook luck and keep working, video is a never ending game of learning.

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      I wouldn't allow the talent to sit in a slightly dingy office for his pitch. You want to create energy, and that's tough to do with a seated talent. Perhaps a 'walk-and-talk' would be a better approach. He can start his lines at a distance from the camera, then stop at a pre-defined point. You could then setup a 2nd shot that he would turn into (as if you had a 2nd camera). Keep that energy going with dynamic titles, music and graphics (or b-roll) and you've got a winning formula.

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