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      Please watch the introductorial video:

      Do you want to become a writer? Have you ever had the desire to engrave stories on paper? If so, start here. Introducing a contest for the best amateur written script. Make it a script for anything you might want to see in a video format. The prize? A copy of the finished product plus your name in the credits. If you want to become a script writer, you have to start sometime. Why not now?

      To submit an entry, go to and click on ‘Send Message’ and copy and paste your story onto the message. All submissions must be entered by May 3rd, 2008 to be considered.

      I will send the winner a copy of the final product that was made with the story he/she wrote. The video will also be posted on Youtube. (Just to clarify this part, there are no cash prizes that are going to be given).

      The winner has the right to share ownership with the actual video. Reproduction of this video outside the winner’s immediate family is prohibited.

      Remember, this is an amateur contest, so do not expect cash prizes or anything of the sort. This is just for the passion of writing and publicity (if you win).

      Thank you all who enter and I wish you GOOD LUCK!

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