Alzo HMI lights

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      <span style=”font-size: x-small; font-family: Arial;”>I just got back from NAB and saw the Alzo HMI lights and was quite impressed on price and value. I did some internet research and found the same lights on even cheaper and sold under the manufacturers name rather than the Alzo name. I called the Video Lighting Inc. guys and they told me they are the same lights as Alzo and they have been direct importers for several years selling them for photography lighting but recently with improvement in the lights and bulbs have they have begun selling them specifically for video lighting with excellent experience for video, dv film etc. I’ve been researching the internet and many positive reviews of the old version of the lights but nothing lately as to improvements in the light head and bulb making them an even better value for video. They seem perfect for my budget and situation and I want to buy them and get the best deal. Any info on the new version? </span>

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