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      I am just getting into the industry and do not have a lot of funds to poor into my work at the moment. I was wandering if there was a good alternative to a VTR. I want a VTR but cant afford one. I need something soon because i dont want to ruin the heads on my new dvx. Any sugestions????

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      If it is mainly for capturing footage into your computer, I would recommend just buying a cheap mini dv camera…I got one for 50 bucks…the quality is the same as if I were plaing it back from the 3 chip…

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      I posted this on another thread a while back, but it is appropriate here as well…
      You might look on eBay for a non-working camera, or do a search for “miniDV needs repair.” It is not unusual for the imaging electronics to go out on a camera while the playback portions will still work fine. It is so expensive to repair these cameras that they have little or no value.

      Look through the descriptions for a good camera that still plays back but will no longer create a good image. You might be able to get a compact and inexpensive miniDV deck out of it.

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