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Hello all,

it seems like anyone who wants to put a video online uploads to YouTube. Have any of you found a better venue for your particular genre?

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For high quality is the best choice you can test with FREE account but if you pay $60 per year to open an account is better. Another choice is DailyMotion. Read the documentationfor vimeo you can find many advantages like change and delete video file anytime.



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Dox, I have set up Amazon S3 to host videos for a completely proprietary solution (No ads, commercials, copyright notices, etc). It takes a little effort to figure out how to set it up, but I ended up with 25gigs of free hosting. I then embeded a free player on my own web site. Great way to manage video hosting on a budget.

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In addition to Vimeo, Dailymotion and Amazon S3, there are:

1) Metacafe, pays a couple of bucks per thousand views:

2) If you have a web series and want to make some advertising revenue, is great:

I recommend this video from Chris Were comparing the various video hosting services:


Hybrid Camera Revolution

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@Bill Bruner great video. Super helpful.

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I used to use YouTube for my daily Vlogg videos, but in early march of 2012, google screwed YouTube up, many of left, it was that bad. I use Facebook for a couple months, then I found 20,000 of us, going strong now.


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