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      Hello all,

      I have several old video tapes, from over the years, miles of footage I need to sort through, but I don’t even have the cameras anymore, many broke, I upgraded etc.. and wasn’t thinking either so now I have old stuff on every kind of tape there is. hi8, miniDV, that other little fat one whatever it is, and even a few on VHS.

      I need to some how get all this stuff on DVD before I can bven begin to sort through it and edit out the long boring stuff. I’m wondering what would be the cheapest way to get it all into my hard drive, or on DVD so I can then take the next step? I mean 40 hours worth of stuff at least.

      Should I just buy some old cameras from Craigslist? Is there a machine that will take different kinds of taps and I can just hook it up to my computer? I know there must be, if so where can I get one reasonably priced, or perhaps a used one?

      Thank you

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      rent or borrow some cameras.

      you’d be surprised how many people would happily “lend” you a camera for free, if you offered to transfer some of thier old tapes to dvd for them for a reasonable fee…..

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      I think wal mart offers a tape to dvd service too

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