ah! no night vision! GZ MG555 please help :(

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Im very upset cuz i just bought my first camera. i love it, it has everything i need in a little camerafor a beginer like myself, but i am very upset because i just discoverd this camera does not have night vision! night vision is somthing i defintally would want to play with and would love to haveto make fun night videos especially camping or at the beach. im really dissapointed with this and was woundering if there were any kinds of filters or ne thing that can fix this...please help! thanks for any suggestions

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Yea you're right...adding filters to the front of your lens slightly decreases the amount of light entering the lens. I have seen adapters that attach to the font of camera for night vision shooting though. Personally, I wouldn't be into that.

Just get a light like FallStarFilms suggested. That's probably your best bet.