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      Ok got this camera and well I am just starting out so I know next to nothing. I need to shoot a concert (club) and I need to use the new stuff I just got. I spent zillions of hours reading posts and comparing it to my wallet and got the best I could.

      I will be using this camera for the main stuff. I intend to come off the house sound board XLR to one of my XLR ins on the camera. I was going to use the shotgun mic in XLR 2. I have a HS Zoom (thanks Earl) and will have that set for some wild noise.

      Cables, I was wondering if I could use my Azden wireless setup AZ325ULH UHF. I was wondering if I could run the board into the transmitter of this unit and of course use the XLR input for the receiver rather than have the cable from the board. This way I can move the camera without a cable tripping me and everyone else as I intend to get up on stage and run like a fool.

      Does this sound doable? Also I was wondering can I use both the external XLR ins and the onboard mic at the same time?

      I will be running a high end consumer camera for fill video as I really need 3 cams on this but have what I have. This gig is for free (education for me) but I will be getting a cut of DVD sales. I cant afford to rent cameras or people for that matter.

      Let me know how nuts I am.



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      I would avoid wireless set ups as much as possible. Unless your wireless mic is high end, you often can’t wander too far from the transmitter and people walking into the “line of site”(i guess you could call it that) between the transmitter and receiver can sometimes mess up the audio for that moment. I would look into purchasing a field recorder that has XLR inputs. Here is one for example:

      You can connect it to the mixer and just leave it there to record while you do your thing. You may have noticed on your HVX that the XLR connection can be set to “line” or “mic.” Remember that it should be set to “line” when you are connected to a mixer and other things of that nature and it should be set to “mic” when a mic is connected.

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      Heah Rob I got the Azden system ran me 900.00 I guess that should be considered a decent rig. It is UHF and stereo output. I know others run into the thousands but then some are 2-300 bucks. I think this should be ok for now.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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