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      I am looking for a wireless microphone system for my panasonic ag hmc70. I would like to only spend around $150. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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      I just dropped $700 with Armato’s for a Sony system because it has been my experience that most of the cheaper systems are simply not capable of offering suitable, dependable wireless signals. I know this is well above the budget you indicated, but if you are the least bit curious the system I ordered is a Sony UWP-V6 lave, body pack & plug-on (converts a traditional XLR handheld mic to wireless use).

      I have tried cheaper sets from Nady, and even Sampson, and a variety of models from Azden, but even then none of them were less than a couple hundred dollars, and none of them ever gave me consistent clean audio systems. I nearly always wound up with interference, dropouts or other audio problems that I had to try and figure out how to fix or workaround in post.

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