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      hi, I will be attending college for video production soon. I like the panasonic AG-HMC40 because of all the reviews i read were good about it. I really like the formats it records in since i have a macbook pro with final cut express. Is the panasonic AG-HMC40 a good camcorder for a college student or is it too complicated and complex? i really like it. I just don’t want to be ahead of myself buying a “proffesional” camera when i am a novice. I really like the camera i just dont know if im ready or if i should buy it. Please give me some advice. Thank you.

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      Considering that it’s a pro camcorder well under $4,000, I doubt the setup would be too intimidating. The features are simplistic, but very in-depth with features from what I’ve read. A full HD (1920×1080) recording mode, 60p recording at 1280×720, and a native 24p recording mode are things I’ve only come across on the ones in the $8,000+ range. There’s been a few complaints about the lack of XLR and low light sensativity, but for something “professional” at $2,000 (from the deals I’ve found), I’d go for it at this point.

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      thank you

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      Well, it’s been said that the 1/4″ CMOS sensors might be a bit limiting, in addition to the jello effect and other complaints some have had regarding judder when using zoom, or swish-panning, etc. I have been tempted, after viewing some footage at YouTube (Do a Google search of HMC-40 video footage, or go to YouTube and search for HMC-40 video) to consider purchasing an HMC-150, or two, and a third POV cam for tripod use with the HMC-40. Jury remains out though. It might be that I could save a few bucks purchasing one of each: 150 & 40. For many of us it is totally a matter of economics, right?

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      Thanks i just think the HMC150 might be a little out of my league still. I like the HMC40 and it looks pretty simple to use and its a good price. Im not even in college yet. I will be pretty soon but right now im still a novice. i just want an HD camcorder that will last me through college and that is a good camera. Thanks for the advice

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      I don’t know but I just bought one. I am a Newbee and went by what Videomaker’s reviews publish that for the price was a hell of good camcorder. I will let you know when I get it how it goes.

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      Same im sorta a newbee and i really like that camera. Thanks dude

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