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      Hiya,my name is Joe (no, really it is),about 3 months ago I bought a Canon GL2 (used) great camera,loved it,then I discovered The Great Dismal Swamp which is within driving range,I seem to end up there once or twice a week,I love making short videos of the stuff I see (see “the great dismal swamp” videos on youtube by niteliter),so…………I got an HD camera,THIS time,a brand new never used Panasonic AG-HMC40,after using it a few times,Im getting the hang of the camera,not great with it,but its great to be out there just waiting for something to shoot.Like I said Im new to video cams,but addicted already.Im hoping this place will help me make better videos without the time and effort it takes when you try to learn alone.

      Joe M


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    GREAT Joe. Look forward to hearing and seeing more about how your HMC40 performs. I’m a long-time Canon user with XL1 and GL2 systems, but am looking strongly as moving into the HMC150 soon as funding permits, keeping the Canons as backup systems.

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    Well, I thank you for reading,and commenting on my camera,as I said Im a beginner here in the world a moving film,but I plan on walking at it.




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