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      Hi, I’m Tyler. Im going to college for video production soon. I’m debating what camcorder to get. I really like the PanasonicAG-HMC40 because of all the reviews i read about it were good. It’s a great deal at only 2000 dollars too. I was also looking at the JVC GZ HD7U, but i dont like the .tod format. I have a macbook pro and i use final cut express.I just want an advanced camcorder that is not to complicated and will last me through college. Is the Panasonic AG-HMC40 a generally good camcorder? I really like it but i need to know if ifs a good camcorder. Thank you

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      This is a good machine. Professional, full HD, SDHC record, easy and light. But maybe you will need to have a shoulder support, cause this is small camcorder. But, maybe. I have onde this. I’m happy

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      HI, I am thinking of buying the AG-HCM40 camcorder and I was wondering Tyler if you bought the Panasonic camcorder and how do you like it? I am especially interested in how the STILL pictures look on this camera and the ease of operation. Any information would be helpful. I too am just trying to make the right decisioin. I am looking to find a camcorder that takes great STILL shots as well as great video! Thanks

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      I have had my HMC40 for over a year now and I love it. I do a lot of outdoors shooting, mostly scenic nature shots. The one thing you need to know is that it lacks in low light capability. So if your doing a lot of indoor with low ambient light you will want some form of light kit to take with you.

      As for ease of use, when fully automatic it does decent for a run and gun.Being a lower end pro camera don’t expect a typical point-and-shoot. You will get the occasional gain/level/focus hunting on any rapid scene change. It is not a camera you would take to a critical shoot right out of the box. You will need time to learn it. Stills (at 10.6 Mp) are really good. Nothing like those from a DSLR but they make great fixed frames for the videos.

      I take mine out to the backyard a few times a week to “play around”and trynew/different settings. I have learned about half of its features well enough to work by touch, but those are the ones i use just about every time I am out recording with it.

      So a lot will depend on what you entend to do with it.

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      GREAT info from the horse’s mouth, Crafters, thanks for sharing. I was considering this unit as an alternative to the units I REALLY want, but much of what I do is performance/indoor video and while my VideoStoryTellers! and other interview sessions ARE conducted with light kits, everything else needs a camera that has more light sensitivity than you’ve indicated for the HMC40 oh, well.

      Sounds like it would have been an excellent choice for Tyler though, as his post was made about a year ago. Still, good info for others, and if Tyler STILL hasn’t made a purchase πŸ˜‰

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      Ive bought AG – HMC 40 ( 41E in Europe) for my documentary film production.

      Cons: 1) very poor in low light shooting

      <span style=”white-space: pre;”> </span>2) You have to buy separately<em style=”font-weight: bold; font-style: normal;”>PanasonicAG-MYA30G 2-Channel XLR Mic Adaptor for professional sound recording

      <span style=”white-space: pre;”> </span>3) the worst thing for me is its m2ts file system. See this link (my post);

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      Earl, in looking at many of your VST videos, for the most partI do think this would be a good camera of choice as they appear to be well lit. Audio would definitely benefitfrom an external mic.

      As for my post, I was just tryingto answer Terry’squestion when Itoo noticedthat Tyler’s post wasabout a year old.

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      I have used this camera on and off and the only complaint I have is that I don’t really like the touchscreen. It’s resistive meaning you have to push down on the screen rather than just touch it, which will cause your camera to shake/move anytime you need to go through a menu and the screen is generally too small and dark. This faults are alright though because you can always default to the viewfinder. The physical buttons on the side are of great use and give you the basic things you will always need, and allows you to customly program 3 of the buttons yourself. I absolutely love how balanced it feels even though it’s relatively light. It provides a great deal of plug-ins and ports which is good. The only complaint with it other than the touchscreen is it’s pretty sucky microphone. I would reccomend getting an external mic for sure.

      Over a year old? Oh well, it’s still a nice camara! It was also named 2009’s camera of the year, I think.

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       Panasonic Hmc 40 is pretty much the best bang for your buck.  I agree with the above posting, that “low lighting” filming isnt the best, but I feel the pro’s outweigh the cons.   Wide Angle Lense is amazing and for under 300, you cant beet it.   If you have any questions on settings or anything else on the camera, let me know.  You can contact me through email or webite.

      Plenty of our videos on the site are actually shot with the Hmc, so you can get a good feel on the wide angle lenses also!

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      Earl, hold out for the HMC-150, I love mine man, Great in low light and has many great features.

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