AG-HMC150 Mic/Line Input Switch?

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      I’m new to this camera, but I really feel like an idiot asking this question. Everything Panasonic prints says that the XLR inputs are Line/Mic selectable (for 0 db or -50/-60 db). The leftmost audio switches on the side, from what I can tell, simply switch the source of channel 1 and 2, and the right two switches turn on/off +48V phantom power.

      Where in the heck do you select Line or Mic level input?

      All the manuals imply this is an obvious thing, but I plead total ignorance here.

      Can somebody steer me in the right direction?



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      Look in the front of the camera, near the hood. There are two switches, one for each input.

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      The HMC70 chassis should be very similar, having the mic/line/48+ switches located just slightly to the right and over the XLR inputs., page 20

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