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      Hello again!

      So I’ve been browsing different cameras online… mostly ones I can’t afford (but it’s fun looking!). I see that there are two versionos of the DVX100 by Panasonic. So I’m not quite sure of the differences. It looks like one is widescreen, where as the other has XLR inputs and a few other differences? (oh, and they look different too!). So what are the actual differences?

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      There are actually three versions, the "original" 100, the 100A and the 100B.

      Basicaly, the B is newer than the A, and has a couple more options, but all in all, they’re fairly similar cameras. It’s sort of the same as Canon’s GL1/GL2 cameras. Very similar bodies, same CCD panel, same lens, just a couple product improvements.

      If you ca’t afford the newer 100B, a 100A will be very similar.

      But again, I don’t actually own these cameras, I’ve just read about them. If an owner is around here, they might know better than I do. πŸ™‚

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