AG-AC160 recording problems.

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      Hello Friends.

      I am new to this site, but I have a problem.

      I posted a very similar post to this on a number of other sites, but to no avail,

      so I’d like to ask for all of your advice. Recently I’ve been using an Panasonic AG-AC160 for various projects. At first it worked great. But from mid November, about 4-5 times now I’ve had quite a strange problem. Clips disappearing without a trace. That’s right… sounds crazy I bet… But while recording, the Rec lamp on… no questions asked, I’m recording video. But halfway through, I notice that the lamp isn’t on anymore, so I press record again, frightened to death about what could’ve possibly occured. Upon reviewing my clips at the end of the day, the clip is missing. This has happened almost exclusively when I’m filming live events. (i.e. recording for long periods of time… some sort of connection perhaps?). I contacted Panasonic about this… They told me that they have heard nothing of this problem occurring. On top of that, they said that had a problem occurred, that a corrupted (not viewable clip would be there), but the truth is that there is nothing there…and all the surrounding files are in perfect order… The first time it happened I figured It was my error. But since then it has happened a few times. I even contacted the store I bought it from and they said that they haven’t heard of this happening. Am I the only one in the world this is happening to? Has any one else heard of this problem occurring? If so, do you know of a fix for it? Any advice is appreciated.

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      What kind of memory card are you using, ie brand, speed, type (sd, sdhc, sdxc)? I have an AC130 and I’ve not had an issue yet, although I haven’t done nearly as much recording with it as I’d like. If it is a corrupted file(s) and/or card, have you tried downloading the AVCCAM file recovery program from Panasonic? They may’ve included it on the disc that came with the camera, I don’t recall. One last question, was DVXUser one of the other forums you posted the question to? They have a pretty good section for the AC130/160 with lots of good advice on there, though I’m not saying Videomaker is a bad source or anything as I use both frequently! πŸ™‚

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      Thanks for taking time to reply to my post.

      I’ve used the AC130 a few times as well(My buddy has one) They are nice cameras, so I’m glad to hear that you haven’t had the same problem.

      As for your question, I’m using a class 10 Panasonic sdhc card. I tried using the File recovery program to no avail (advice given to me from the store I bought it from.)

      I’d be willing to send the Camera in for repair, but since I’ve had no other problems with it, I’m worried that it’s not broken, just that there is possibly a “bug” with the camera so to speak.

      I haven’t posted on DVXUser yet, but I’ll give them a try too.



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      Good afternoon! I absolutely LOVE my AC130, can’t wait to get more work done with her! I was glad to go tapeless, just took to long capturing footage from my HDV camera!! Hmm, you’re using a great card for the camera, so I doubt there’s a problem with the card, esp with the recovery program not finding anything. Have you tried any other cards just to rule it out? You could’ve gotten a bad camera, I know I’ve seen a couple people posting issues on DVXUser for the AC160 where they had to end up sending it to Panasonic for a replacement, one was an issue with the card slot door either not staying closed or the camera not recognizing it was closed. Hate to say it, but it sounds like you may have to send her back to Panasonic. Hope that helps!


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      i had an issue with Panasonic HMC70 and the included Panasonic 2G card. files would be there but are corrupted and unreadable. So i don’t like using Panasonic SD cards.

      So i switched to PNY Class 10, which my wife has been using (the same one card) for years and never a problem. So I followed. But i always format before every event.

      Recently, I’ve also switched to SanDisk Class 10 for my GH2 for higher bitrates, and after filling the card completely twice, no problems and no loss of data.

      did u try two SD cards simultaneous recording, and see it both corruption occurs exactly in the same place on both cards? if so, it might be the camera. but if it only occurs on one card and not the other, it may be the card.

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      I am professinal video cameramen using Panasonic AG-AC160 camcorder. Accidentally formatted SDHC card in the camera . And recorded 2 GB again on formatted 32GB card. Is it possible to recover just previously recorded video files ?


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      I have discovered that my AC130 produces much better results with faster SD cards–I use 95 MB/s cards. The unit also works better on battery power–when plugged into main power, I get occasional glitches, which show up in my video as artifacting–usually a blown scan line or two.


      If you're losing clips, I'd suspect the AVCHD file format. AVCHD is a very exact format–you have to copy everything from the card onto your workstation, and leaving out any of the files can cause the MTS to not be found. You can check your clips in the camera to see if that's the cause.

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