After-School Special, Dangers of Posting Online

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      After seeing the excellent review BROKEN got for their short film. I wanted to know what you all might think of my latest film. We shot 94 shots, 207 takes in 13 hours to make this short.

      It’s a modern day after-school special about why girl’s shouldn’t post their info online.

      It’s 12 min long, and a windows and quicktime version are available online. We also have some behind-the-scenes clips, original audition clips, and photo shoots to go with the film.

      All comments are welcomed, good and bad. We can take it. Over 100,000 people have watched it in the last few days and not everyone has liked it or disliked it, but the comments will make us better filmmakers in the future.

      We shot on 2 Panasonic DVX100a’s, one on a GlideCam, the other on a homemade type GlideCam, and it was edited on AVID.

      The video was compressed with Sorenson Suite. The site was designed in Macromedia Fireworks and is maintained with Microsoft Frontpage.

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