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      I’m new to After Effects and struggling with a school project. I have 4 videos of people talking. I want to mask out the lips from each video and put the 4 lips on one image (the image is a picture of a chalkboard). I want to be able to re-size and move the lips around the chalk board so I can place them on the chalkboard where I want.

      I’m really struggling to know how to do this and can’t seem to find any good instructions on the net for beginners. I’m a beginner so hopefully you can be as detailed as possible if you care to explain. This is for a project we are trying to create for school called the “talking chalkboard”.

      Your help would be appreciated.


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      Which version of After Effects are you using? Also, are the lips color very distinct from the skin tone? If you are using the latest version of After Effects and the lip color is very distinct you can use Mocha that came with After Effects for rotoscoping the lips out. Here is a good tutorial on it.

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      Thank you

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