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      Can anyone give me the most practicle idea of how to curve a text in after effects not a motion text as much more as just stand still text that I could place inside a logo type thing as if I was making a face of a coin. I have used text path but I found that I am limited to the effects I can use inside it like bevel look and a few more things such as mix of colour range. So I’ve tried using a preset ani text which works fine but when I add the camera 3d look and move the whole coin thing around I can tell its not a flat image ( ihope that makes sense) and finally how can I make the text image or any object I draw or mask more 3d like? I mean to give the coin some depth not just a flat image when it rotated?? I’ve tried shatter but its not giving me what I need.


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      What version of After Effects are you using?

      And do you have access to other programs like photoshop and Illustrator and if so which versions?

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