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      alright i need some help again. would anyone know why does the after effects don’t play audio sounds.? the bridge application does play it but the after effects does not, maybe there is something i should adjust?

      Arthur. thanks πŸ™‚

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      After Effects is not the best program for audio. You can only listen to audio while previewing your work, or you can pres the period key “.” on the number pad and it will play just the audio. Never use mp3 with After Effects.

      If you need to edit to the beat of the music, many editors will set markers to the beat as they listen in real time and then make their cuts/transitions on those marker points.

      I should also add that if you are using the “render que,” you’ll need select the check box to export audio. It is not usually selected by default.

      Good luck!

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      I have never had any problems with audio in After Effects, version 7 or 8. What version are you using?

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      Yes, no mp3s with After effects.

      Yes, AE is not the best with audio anyway. No Video compositing program I’ve used is good with audio.

      In all other respects, Coreece is right on. Good luck.

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      Coreece is correct in regards to how audio is previewed in AE.

      If you are just using the Space bar preview to play the timeline that many people do, you won’t hear the audio layers.

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