advise on slides to dvd transfer?

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      Wondering if anyone knows of any hardware/software to transfer slide pics to dvd?

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      Are you talking about PPt Slides or the old negitive type of slide that you have to use a slide projector to see them?

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      Google for "slide scanner". If you don’t want to purchase expensive hardware we could do it for you. We also run the slides through 3 filters to clean them up.

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      They are the old slides that use a projecter.

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      Yeah you can do that. We are in the process of doing this for a guy that has 4,700 slides his father took. Now that’s a lot of slides. Like I said…if you want to buy the hardware, they are called slide scanners. Depends on how many you have though.

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      I have an HP scanner (brand new). It cost about $90. It has a slide function and a negative function, as well as normal pictures.

      I just scanned about 500 slides.

      really fast good quality.

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      I have a Sony F828 digital camera, and I’ve found very good success by using a slide attachment made for digicams. They call them, "Slide Copier" at ebay, and they retail from anywhere between $15 and $70.

      The most patience requiring part is setting up a good light source. I aim it at an open bulb, about 6 inches away and place the digicam on a tripod. Then you can take images as fast as you change slides in the adapter. Resolution is as high as your camera goes. You can burn these directly to any optical media you want after you’re done. Take it with the highest resolution you digicam will allow, in RAW mode if you have the optical disk space and if you can withstand the time it takes to capture in that mode. High quality archival images today will mean you can blow it up tomorrow or a decade from now, and at that time in the future you will still feel you should have captured at higher resolution.

      Advantages of this Slide Copier are that they increase your output speed by a factor of a thousand times the number you could possibly do with a scanner. Don’t get me wrong, scanners are very robust, very high quality ways to get the best output. I personally don’t have a need for a $1200 or $600 slide scanner which I may use for less than a dozen projects in a lifetime. I choose to give up the professional quality and go with a cheap sub 50 dollar slide attachment for a digital camera. I’m not publishing in the National Geographic. But for $50 I can turnaround the images to my satisfaction in the timespace I need. Good Luck.

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